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(3d) Animation

It is not always feasible to use real objects in your films if they are too valuable or if damage of any kind must be avoided. By using 3D animation, this problem can be avoided, and the sky becomes the limit! Foxmountain can use animation to turn your fantasy into an animated reality! (3d) Animation

(3d) Visual effects (VFX)

If your film needs effects, you can use real practical effects or stunt actors. Another option would be to add effects that cannot be created in real life to your film during post-production. Foxmountain can use visual effects to enhance your film even further. The possibilities are nearly endless: we can add explosions, fictional vehicles or other objects, et cetera. (3d) Visual effects (VFX)

Motion graphics

Motion graphics are often used to illustrate products or companies. With the help of 2D and 3D motion graphics and kinetic typography, Foxmountain can provide dynamic instructions about your product, service or company. You can click through to the page about motion graphics to see examples of Foxmountain’s portfolio. Motion graphics

Product rendering

Product renders are often used when you want to show a non-existent product through a realistic and detailed 3D model. A render can also be a useful tool when you do not have access to a professional lighting studio. In addition to a static product render (a picture of your product, designed with a computer), we can create an animation or short film of your product. This enables you to see the object from all sides, even the inside! In the sections dedicated to motion graphics and stills, you can find many examples of product renders created by Foxmountain Studios. Product rendering

Property animation

Foxmountain can turn designs of your house, office or boat into an animated 3D tour or a detailed still. We can also create a tour or panoramic image from real photos, in order to better illustrate your house’s interior and exterior. Property animation

Greenscreen/ masking

When it is not possible or practical to shoot a film on location, we can use a green screen. This screen can later be replaced by any background you desire, limited only by your own imagination. Foxmountain can filter the green screen and design the backgrounds. Green screen is a fantastic tool to enhance your films and unleash your imagination. It is also possible to provide live green screen filtering, making it easier for your actors to really immerse themselves in your story’s setting. Greenscreen/ masking

Color correction

Colour corrections are often used to enhance the look or atmosphere of a film, or to create the impression that the film is set in ancient times, a fantasy world or on a sunny tropical island. Combining this with green screen and visual effects enables you to create the film you want, even when reality stands in the way! Color correction


Foxmountain believes in expressing your message using a cross-media approach. Your website is part of this message. Nowadays, a website is an essential part of any company’s marketing strategy. A well-designed website provides information to your customers, and communicates your company’s identity. Through the use of modern social media, it is also possible to set up a viral marketing campaign, to reach out to even more customers. Foxmountain Studios can use a combination of social media, 3D animation, stills, and motion graphics to create a beautiful interactive website for your company, product or service. Webdesign

Projection mapping

With projection mapping, you can bring your walls or ceilings to life. An ordinary surface is turned into an interactive experience through the use of digital projection. Projection mapping

Film Titles

In addition to creating intros, animations and visual effects, we can also create film titles for your productions. These sequences can be created with both 2D and 3D animations, and with real footage you shot. An appealing title sequence will give your production an extra dimension. After all, a good film needs a proper intro, which tells the story or provides a short introduction to the rest of the film. Film Titles

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